Two Guns a’blazin’

Two Guns a’blazin’

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I have been told by a few people to try Two Guns Espresso. They always followed up the recommendation with, “It’s run by two New Zealanders” as if that is somehow meant to woo me. For all the rivalry there is between Aussies and the Kiwis I must say, I was not let down.

Two Guns Espresso has three locations at this point. One is Downtown LA and the other two are in Manhattan Beach. When plans to visit this beach on a Saturday morning turned to plans to drink coffee and eat while the rain fell down around us, we decided to put the guns to the test. Who am I kidding, my plans are to ALWAYS eat and drink and Two Guns Espresso was ALWAYS on my hit list.

We found the little cafe on Sepulveda Boulevard and 5th Street and pulled into the parking lot to find this:Cuppa Joe

Well don’t mind if I do!

The first thing to catch my eye as we walked inside was the B.L.A.T on the menu. Now this is somewhere I can call home. For those in need of a little help here, a B.L.A.T is a bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato roll often served at breakfast and often smeared with a yummy aioli.

The staff were friendly and the coffee prices pretty standard. The food menu looked quite enticing and I dare say I would have ordered from it had I not just inhaled some fish tacos already. One flat white coming right up!

Let’s just say we left extremely satisfied. So satisfied in fact, five minutes down the road we decided we needed some of their beans. Alas, I will be in to test out their DTLA location soon. Real soon.



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